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Craving for Something Sweet? Indulge in the Best Waffles at Overscoop.

Enjoy a Mini Scoop of Happiness with Each Dessert

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Our Top Picks: Waffles, Croffles, and Gelato

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About Overscoop

Overscoop is a desserts cafe renowned for its selection of waffles, croffles (croissant waffles), and delectable gelato. 

What sets Overscoop apart is our unique concept of the mini scoop over on top.

Inspired by the challenging times of the COVID-19 pandemic with food sampling restrictions in place, she saw the opportunity to introduce a special experience for her customers. Explore and taste an additional flavour atop your chosen treat with the Overscoop concept.

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What They're Saying

Confirm Good, 1 Jul 2022

What’s special about Overscoop is that they serve you a free mini-scoop of ice cream in a flavour of your choice on top of your own, hence the name. It’s the perfect concept for anyone who wants to try out a new flavour, but isn’t sure if they’ll like it.

The Straits Times, 20 Jun 2022

The brand is named as such because you get a free mini scoop of ice cream on top of a regular scoop... At the Orchard outlet, myriad flavours are available. Asian-inspired flavours include Thai Milk Tea, Ondeh Ondeh and Taro Yam.

Mothership, 12 Jun 2022

Every order of ice cream comes with one "overscoop", which is an additional smaller scoop of ice cream on top of a different flavour

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Blowing Out Candles

Host With Us

Versatile Venue

Overscoop is the ideal setting for a wide range of events, including birthday celebrations and corporate gatherings.

Customizable Menus

Choose between a curated event menu or minimum spending for a personalized experience.

Convenient Location

Overscoop offers a central location that's easily accessible for you and your guests, making it simple for everyone to join in the festivities.

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